Pink Flamingo & Leopard Retirement Party by Steven Vargo

Candide Stillwell a Delta flight attendant had officially retired and she threw an epic party at Cactus & tropicals in Salt Lake City. The theme was Pink Flamingo & Leopard print. The party felt like a time warp into the 80s and I thought it was amazing. I tag teamed a photo booth & roaming photos with Dave from ThePhotoCollective. The event was a success.. Candide has such a loving group of friends and family. She is and was admired greatly, you could feel it in the room.. There are people in this world that others gravitate towards, and she is one of them. I’m happy to have experienced her magnetism.


Hill AirForce Museum Event by Steven Vargo

I had the pleasure of tag teaming an event with the Dave Brewer of PhotoCollective Studios. The day started at 5:45AM as we hit the road in their box truck heading north from Salt Lake City. We often work together and make a great team when shooting local events. I personally try to visualize these shoots as if it’s a political event, showcasing the speaker and the viewers reaction, it’s been great practice. This museum is a must see, it has a wonderful amount of airplanes from our nations history. Reflecting on the shoot I realize that getting the brain power going early in the morning is tricky for everyone! thanks for viewing


The Store @ Gateway Mall (Salt Lake City) by Steven Vargo

A last minute text is received Saturday with a question. “Can you shoot a grand opening event at a grocery store?” A couple moments pass… “Yes, I can be there.” A tricky assignment because I always want more out of my shoots but given the time crunch, I just showed up and documented. Here’s the result from the hour I spent there observing the event. I find pleasure in connecting, finding harmony, and capturing the moment without disrupting the comfort of others.